Q: Does Flag Only include the poles as well?

A: No, Flag Only does not include hardware. Please choose FLAG KIT" when shopping to order with all hardware.

Q: Do you have instructions on assembling the flag pole?

A: Yes, instructions should be in a plastic bag in pole packaging along with top clip.

Q: How long do the flags last?

A: All times vary, due to weather conditions in every state it is hard to say exactly how long flag will last. 

Q: Whats your return policy?

A: All orders are final sale. Please check with your city before purchasing

Q: How else could I shop a specific design?

A: Feel free to use the search bar to shop a specific design.

Q: How could I make an account to order Wholesale?

A: Please call us at (626)330-4160

Q: Do you ship to Puerto Rico or outside of the U.S.?

A: Currently we do not ship outside the country or Puerto Rico 

Q: What if I do not see a flag design I need?

A: Fill out the form with your message on the CONTACT tab. We will respond to you on there.